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Give the gift of music this Christmas season!

Full-length Projects for only $499

Song writer?  Have lyrics?  Need music?

At Daystar Recording, we understand the need for your background music to be the best that it can be, so we have incorporated just the right balance of digital sound synthesis and live instrumentation to give you the best possible quality while keeping the cost at a minimum.

We offer several different options when it comes to the creation of your custom performance tracks. Look over the various categories below to decide which option best suits your needs.

[Silver Series - $100],
Performance tracks in the Silver series include a complete custom arrangement using bass guitar, drums, and your choice of either piano or acoustic guitar. The Silver series tracks are best suited for more traditional southern/country gospel styles, and also serve as an excelent rhythm section in both the studio, as well as in live performance situations.

[Gold Series - $145.00]
Performance tracks from the Gold series include a complete custom arrangement using piano/organ, bass, acoustic guitar, and drums, plus other instrumental enhancements such as basic string/brass/woodwind orchestration, electric guitar, percussive loops, synth pads, and more. The Gold series tracks work extremely well for contemporary Christian and more modern-sounding southern/country gospel styles, both in the studio, as well as in live performance situations.

[Overdub Add-ons - $50]
Enhance your Silver or Gold Series performance tracks even further with the addition of live instrumental overdubs from some of the industries top musicians including award-winning David Johnson and Roger Fortner. For only $50 per song, you can add two of the following live instruments to your performance track:
  • steel guitar
  • dobro
  • mandolyn
  • fiddle/violin
  • harmonica
  • banjo
  • acoustic lead/rhythm guitar
  • electric lead/rhythm guitar
  • baritone guitar
  • bass guitar

[Background Vocals - $50.00]
Spice up any performance track from any category above with high-quality background vocal accompaniment starting at only $50 per song. Adding background vocals to your tracks can help take them to another level of excelence and effectiveness. Both solo artists and ensembles can benefit greatly from the incorporation of additional background vocals.

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